The English department aims to provide children with opportunities to enjoy, explore and create a broad range of literature.


Pupils will develop their knowledge of language and literature, improving their communication and analytical skills. We promote an enjoyment of literature, encouraging children to read regularly and often.

In KS2, comprehension, inference and vocabulary skills are developed through a large variety of texts. Punctuation, spelling and grammar are reinforced across all subjects. In KS3 students build on prior grammatical knowledge to analyse and construct increasingly challenging texts.



English lessons aim to enhance existing skills, allowing children to develop an independence and confidence in their reading and writing.  Reading, writing, grammar and spelling are covered in both KS2 and KS3.  Children study a range of novels throughout Years 5 - 8 to develop their comprehension skills as well as stimulating writing through a range of varied and stimulated approaches. Embedded in the curriculum and drama lessons are a range of opportunities for pupils to apply and develop their spoken English skills. To facilitate challenge and raise aspirations, children are taught in ability groups so that we can be sure of delivering the relevant support and challenge, for their needs, to maximise potential.


Throughout the school, pupils make good progress. The curriculum is designed to build on the knowledge they acquire and apply this knowledge to a range of tasks such as independent creative writing and analysis of texts. As children progress through the English curriculum, they are encouraged to become increasingly independent, becoming more confident when using a variety of resources and challenging themselves and their peers. The teaching and learning of the English curriculum is both robust and consistent and our pupils are confident when applying English skills in other lessons. Our children leave school fully prepared for the next stage of their education and are able to communicate effectively and thrive in further education.