Great Park Academy is governed by the Trustees for the Gosforth Group.


We have our own Academy Advisors Group.


Academy Advisors Group Members:-

Nicola Baker (GPA Parent)

Sean Blakey (GJHA Staff)

Barbara Bonello

Lesley Bowes

Eleanor Dawson (GPA Parent)

Nav Deol (GPA Staff)

Michelle Mason-Bowers

Debbie McCordall

Gill Milne

Elizabeth O’Mahony

Katharine Pringle

Lyndsay Readman (GPA Staff)

Michael Richardson (Staff) 

Hugh Robinson Ex-officio

Zoë Shaw (Parent)

Jackie Slesenger

Anna Steer (Parent)

Dave Vero (Chair and Safeguarding Link)

Denise Waugh Ex-officio


NCC Governor Services

Any correspondence for the Academy Advisors Group please address care of Great Park Academy.