Communication & Interaction (SEN)

At Great Park Academy, we support and make provision for students who need help with communication and interaction; this includes students with Autism Spectrum Disorder/ Speech Language and Communication Needs, for example. 

Type of support and provision available:

  • We use visual timetables according to need
  • Additional adult support is on offer during unstructured times of the day, e.g. Break and Lunchtime
  • We offer enhanced personal development programmes delivered according to each pupil's needs.
  • We offer enhanced support with self-esteem, coping with change and managing friendships
  • We offer targeted intervention programmes to improve skills in various areas, including self-safeguarding and independent travel.
  • We offer targeted intervention linked to the Zones of Regulation, focused on teaching self-regulation skills.
  • We offer targeted in-class support to improve skills in various areas, including speech and language development.
  • We use ICT to reduce barriers to learning wherever possible.
  • SEN staff work closely with outside agencies, e.g. Speech and Language Therapists, mobility officer, etc. to provide a link to external intervention programmes to ensure continuity of support and progress

Useful links:

SENDIAS (advice for families):