Black History Month 2023

Date Published:
Friday 20 October 2023

Great Park Academy will once again be observing Black History month this year. We are proudly participating with the theme 'Saluting Our Sisters' and throughout October we will celebrate the incredible contributions made by black women to our society, culture and history whilst highlighting their resilience, strength and influence on shaping our world.  

In addition to discussions in Personal Development lessons, pupils will also be learning about Black History through a range of curriculum areas. 

In science we will be looking at the incredible scientific study undertaken black scientists, including Dame Elizabeth Anionwu, Katherine Johnson and Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE. 

We will also be exploring Blues music, specifically the origins of the Blues. We will study African influence and consider the impact that the slave trade had on music in America during the late 19th century, becoming more popular in the 1920s onwards. Pupils have also researched a number of famous blues musicians such as Bessie Smith, Robert Johnson and Muddy Water. 

In history we will recognise the importance of black historians such as David Olusoga and Patrick Vernon in addition to celebrating some of the most influential black women who have shaped British history.  


Black History Month